DMP2023 DPM2023 ESORICS 2023

Keynote Speaker

Michał Choraś

Affiliation: Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology (PBS)

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Title: Practical applications of trustworthy AI in security: detection of cyberattacks and fake news

Abstract: AI solutions are widely used in a plethora of applications, including in the security domain. However, in order to be fully adopted and accepted by societies, those solutions need to fulfill the requirements of trustworthy AI. In this talk, practical examples of trustworthy AI solutions in security will be presented and discussed: cybersecurity and fake news detection. The talk will not only emphasize effective results, security and privacy but also the deployed explainability (xAI) mechanisms and software will be shown. The results of selected EU and national projects will be demonstrated (e.g. AI4Cyber, STARLIGHT, APPRAISE and SWAROG).

Short biography: Michał Choraś currently holds a full professorship position with the Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology, Poland. He was granted full professor title in December 2021. He is also affiliated with FernUniversit√§t in Hagen, Germany, where he was a Project Coordinator for successful H2020 SIMARGL project (secure intelligent methods for advanced recognition of malware and stegomalware). He is also project coordinator/manager and security consultant for national/international bodies and private organizations. He is the author of over 320 reviewed scientific publications. In 2021 and 2022, he was included in the Stanford List of Top 2% Scientists. His research interests include AI, machine learning, data science, and pattern recognition in several domains such as cyber security, fake news detection, anomaly detection, data correlation, biometrics, and critical infrastructures protection. He has been involved in more than twenty EU projects (e.g. APPRAISE, AI4CYBER, SPARTA, STARLIGHT, SIMARGL, SocialTruth, CIPRNet, and InfraStress).