Office QC-2019
Department of Information and Communications Engineering.
Escola d'Enginyeria - Edifici Q
Autonomous University of Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona - Spain.

 +34 93 581 2395


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About me

My name is Carlos Borrego Iglesias. I am a teacher and researcher from the Department of Information and Communications Engineering, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Born in Madrid. I received my degree in Computer Science (6 year programme) at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). After finishing my studies I moved to work for European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) (Geneva, Switzerland). In 2001 I started working at CASPUR La Sapienza (Rome, Italy) and I stayed there for four years. In 2005 I moved to the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) where I finished my PhD at the Department of Information and Communications Engineering and worked for PIC and IFAE research centers.

My current research interests are opportunistic networks, information centric networks, P2P networks and privacy preserving network protocols.

If you are interested in starting your PhD with me, email me with your research proposal.