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Information and Communications Engineering

Doctorate program

The department participates in the PhD program in Computer Science (its coordinator is a member of dEIC) through the line of research: coding, compression and security. The PhD program in Computer Science was awarded the Distinction of Excellence by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

The line of research Coding, Compression and Security integrates the three groups that constitute the department's research group CCS (Coding, Compression and Security) Reference 2009SGR1224 (DOGC no. 5265, 25-11-2008). This line of research includes PhD theses in the field of information theory in a broad view of it. Thus, investigating issues related to channel coding (error correcting codes, linear and nonlinear), source coding (compression of images, hyperspectral and medical images, standards with JPEG2000 and CCSDS) and cryptography and network security and information (security and privacy in distributed environments). You can find more information about each of the research groups that compose this line of research at the following links:

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